Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turkey Piccata

I got this recipe out of a Southern Living cookbook. It was SO good and so easy that it will become on permanent rotation at the Stamps' house. I am always looking for something besides chicken to cook.

1 lb boneless turkey cutlets
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
3 tbsp butter, divided
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup dry white wine
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp drained capers
6 lemon slices, halved
1 tbsp chopped fresh flat leaf parsley

Combine flour, salt and pepper in a shallow dish. Dredge turkey cutlets in flour mixture. Melt 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp olvie oil in a large non stick skillet over medium-high heat. Add half of the turkey and cook 3-4 minutes on each side until golden brown. Remove turkey from skillet and place on a wire rack in a jelly roll pan in a 200 degree oven to keep warm. Repeat with remaining turkey, butter and olive oil.
(NOTE - I didn't remove the turkey - I kept it in and just made the sauce with the turkey in the pan and it turned out great.)
Stir wine and next 3 ingredients into skillet and cook over medium high heat for 2 minutes or until sauce is slightly thickened. Remove from heat; stir in remaining butter.
Place turkey on a serving platter and pour sauce over it. Sprinkle evenly with parsley.


Nina said...

Mmmm, that looks really yummy and one that I will definitely be trying. When I do I will blog about it on my foodie blog!!

Anonymous said...

I think I will try this tonight, I happen to have everything that it needs! Thanks so much for sharing, it looks great. :)

Elle said...

ooh looks great!

We don't really get turkey meat in Australia (other than roasting pices at Christmas).

What is the side?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does look yummy! What is the other food on the plate? Lois

Kelly said...

It's parmesan rissoto

Unknown said...

That sounds yummy! I am going to add those ingredients to my grocery list.

Diamonds & Dumptrucks Boutique said...

what is parmesan rissoto

Cindy Lou said...

Kelly, this was great! We had it for dinner last night. Delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Dont know where to leave this comment, but would you please put the Chili's salsa recipe on here?!! Love it and I know its on your other blog somewhere! Thanks!

Erin said...

Just made it Kelly and it was wonderful!! I am so excited to have a great new idea for dinner...thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Yum! We love chicken piccata over here!

Marie said...


Anonymous said...

You should try The Pioneer Womans Chicken Picatta. I tried it this past week, and it was DIVINE! Really... I have craved it every day since then!

kanishk said...

That sounds yummy! I am going to add those ingredients to my grocery list.
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Erin said...

The Pioneer Woman makes something very similar but with cream & mushrooms in the sauce as's amazing, I bet you'd like it!

Mokry Family said...

Loved this recipe! We just finished it for dinner and we all loved it including a 6 and 4 yr old! Thanks for the quick and delicious dinner!

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