Thursday, March 6, 2008

Coffee Punch

I like to make this punch in the winter. It's really kind of like a milkshake. I'm sure at some point - I had an exact recipe but I don't like to follow recipes so feel free to adjust the measurements to your liking.

You take one box of vanilla ice cream and one box of chocolate ice cream and put in punch bowl
And then you add a little coffee. If you like coffee - you may add one or two cups. If you only like a small hint of coffee - just add a little bit.
Then add milk - I poured about 3/4 of a half gallon jug. I did use skim milk - so it's a healthy low fat drink. :-)
Then the best part - hershey's syrup. This gives it the flavor - I put in a whole bottle.
Then you just stir up
And stir

And enjoy - it's a dessert on it's own


Branches said...

I've GOT to try this coffee know I'm a coffee addict! ha!

Melissa said...

that looks good! and i love that you made it healthy by using skim milk :)

Honea Household said...

You are so pretty! The coffee punch looks wonderful! YUMMY!

Shannon said...

I think i'm going to make this for a party we are having on Sunday! something diffrent. Thanks!

Lisa Eddlemon said...

Maybe a silly question, but does it matter if coffee is hot or cold?

Anonymous said...

I just found a recipe blog that is copying your recipes AND your pictures..
here's a link copycatting this post..
there is no mention of you that I can find anywhere. how rude!
that's even your punchbowl and Christmas tablecloth/paper underneath! wow..